ADVANTICSYS becomes new partner in Silicon Alley Madrid


ADVANTICSYS has recently joined the Silicon Alley Madrid Association, an innovative initiative involving Technology Companies located in San Blas-Canillejas district in the city of Madrid. The association is dedicated to the production, manufacture, marketing of products and / or services based on or related to the field of technology and telecommunications and aim to provide added value services to all companies within the district, including retail and restaurants sectors among others.   ADVANTICSYS, founded in 2009, provides monitoring and control systems based on industrial protocols and wireless sensor networks in areas such as intelligent lighting control, energy efficiency and consumption
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ADVANTICSYS releases New Wireless Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Wireless Indoor Air Quality Sensor

ADVANTICSYS introduces a new IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor compatible with DM-124 wireless Modbus networks. The new product, called IAQM-THCO2 is capable of measuring air temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels.   The IAQM-THCO2 is auto configurable inside the radio network, it determines the best route to send data packets, and it effectively distributes the packets to all nearby radio neighbours and answers Modbus RTU requests.   The IAQM-THCO2 is fully Modbus RTU compatible, which means that any PLC, controller or PC connected to the DM-124 coordinator can retrieve data by using standard Modbus RTU commands.   The DM-124 Config Tool
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Advanced M2M technology enables real-time monitoring of the entire network of Georgian State Electrosystems power substations


ADVANTICSYS successfully completed an ambitious project in Georgia, a country at the crossroad of Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia with major hydroelectric resources exploited mostly by Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) , a hundred percent state-owned company that seeks to increase the reliability of substations to improve and secure energy supply to companies in the country while reducing costs.   How can we monitor the substations status, with real-time detailed information? ADVANTICSYS has developed a monitoring system able to acquire and transmit data of all substations this energy giant has in the region of Kakheti and send them to the control
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ADVANTICSYS unveils its new wireless gateway for Modbus networks


Spanish company ADVANTICSYS introduces a new device able to connect through a Wireless Mesh Network (IEEE 802.15.4) one or more ADVANTICSYS or third party Modbus devices with RS485 interface to any Modbus network. Thus, an heterogeneous network including commercial PLCs or PC-SCADAS can exchange information with any of our controllers and dataloggers without the need of a wired connection. These products are not only “transparent” devices but also advanced wireless modules, able to work as repeater and as “coordinator” node for battery-powered wireless sensor networks.   The new product, called DM-124 , is not only a “transparent ” device but
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Greenerbuildings Project: Energy-efficient Smart buildings that respond to their actual use and changes in their environment


ADVANTICSYS has successfully completed the European project GreenerBuildings . The consortium, composed of companies from several countries, including Technical University of Eindhoven and Philips, has developed a novel service oriented architecture applied to building automation systems, achieving reductions in energy consumption and improvement of comfort by monitoring user activity.   The main objective of GreenerBuildings is to achieve a more efficient energy usage inside the building while ensuring user comfort. Nowadays, people spend a great deal of time in buildings, may these be offices, hospitals or commercial buildings. While active indoor, people desire to have comforting lighting and microclimate conditions
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M2M technologies applied to historic buildings remote monitoring


ADVANTICSYS will participate in the SHbuildings Symposium on “Smart Heritage: technologies for conservation and holistic management of cultural assets”, to be held on 6th March 2014. Our CEO and Co-founder José Javier de las Heras will show ADVANTICSYS M2M technologies applied to remote monitoring in buildings.     About the I SHbuildings Symposium   The aim of the conference is to address, from a theoretical and practical point of view, the state of art of various types of technological solutions applied to heritage buildings, and historic downtowns comprising aspects such as wireless sensor networks, security, energy efficiency, all of which
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Interview of our CEO to Water Portal iAgua


In an interview with the Water Portal iAgua , our CEO ponders the role of intelligent water management systems within the Smart City paradigm.

Smart Water Management and Remote Monitoring Systems, main attraction at the Smart City Expo 2013

Smart City Expo 2013 Barcelona

ADVANTICSYS solutions for air quality monitoring, smart water management and remote measurement of electricity consumption in the cities of the future, have managed to attract the interest of National and International Municipalities and Engineering firms during the prestigious International fair Smart City Expo World Congress , held in Barcelona from 19th to 21st November.   During the three days of exhibition, to which 9,000 visitors, nearly 400 cities, 320 experts and 162 companies on five continents have visited, ADVANTICSYS staff presented their industrial remote monitoring and control devices as well as the Concordia® software platform. All these are flexible and
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ADVANTICSYS to show its products at the Smart City Expo 2013

Smart City Expo 2013 Barcelona

How to achieve more sustainable cities? ADVANTICSYS will present their solutions and products, from 19 to 21 November 2013 in Barcelona, at the Smart City Expo World Congress, one of the most important trade fairs in the international calendar that encompasses a wide range of technologies able to create smart cities with higher quality life.   Thus, present at stand F636, ADVANTICSYS will show its wide range of electronic devices for remote monitoring and management solutions jointly with its brand new software platform called Concordia®. In short, flexible solutions tailored to provide intelligent services to any city in the world.
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A sensor network analyzes the impact of climate change in Doñana

A sensor network deployment based on ADVANTICSYS technology will be the tool used by a group of experts from the University of Seville to obtain data with which to analyze the impact that climate change will result in Doñana Biological Reserve (DBR).   The intelligent nodes are currently located in Laguna del Ojillo de Doñana where through humidity, temperature and wind direction data, among others, and the application of computational intelligence and monitoring techniques can foresee water levels. (   Low-cost wireless technology and consumption   The system implemented in the DBR is based on CM3000 and CM3000 platforms that
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