Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Nowadays, the new laws of protection and sustainability, increased energy prices and greater environmental awareness and drive increased largely rational use of energy, not only for end users but also large consumers and systems thereby improving efficiency in buildings.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it."

William Thomson, first baron Kelvin

The energy consumption and environment measures monitoring in a building is the first essential step to reduce the invoice a being responsible about environment. Moreover, it is an essential component in any energy audit or certification process. The amount and variety of communication protocols makes difficult the data management such as in a building can be present a specific protocol for electricity monitoring, another one for climate management, the third one for access control, another one for water consumption, one dedicated to remote lightning switching... and many others.   Click on the picture to view in larger size (new window)
The integration of all these protocols to offer the measures in a clear way, otherwise makes no sense, imply the hiring of profesionals to make this labour, buying a lot of signal converters or replacing the actual meters with new ones with a single protocol. These options are not always feasible, but never are are cost-effective.    


To simplify the integration of systems, AdvanticSYS offers a wide range of controllers specially designed to read data from counters, meters, sensors, detectors, actuators, alarms... all signals which must be acknowledged in a building, and offer offer the information in a simple way.

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The integration into any SCADA, BMS, software or management platform is no longer complex and expensive, and there's no need to replace devices or to use converters. The communication and remote management of any integrated device can be done through Modbus, a standard and open protocol very powerfull and easy to use and to integrate with existing platforms, and also offering functions such as datalogger, which brings aditional security and reliability to our installation in the event of communication failures.

Success stories

By using our controllers, a new monitoring and remote control system was implemented to manage all the Maxima shops (more than 200 centers all over the country) without replacing the installed meters, except of those so old that doesn't had any output or communication port. The monitoring includes electrical values (energy consumption and instant values of lightning, climate, industrial cooling...), water consumption and environment measures (relativity humidity and temperature, both inside and outside).
The average saving after system implementation was about 10-15% in each shops with a minimal investment. The savings achieved allowed the return on investment in less than two years, and CO2 emissions decreased in 15 tons (equivalent to CO2 emitted by 3000 cars in a whole year)  

More information

If you want to know the available controllers and their capabilities for energy audits, click here, or just contact us, our engineers will study your case and will give you a tailor made solution.