Water Monitoring

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Water monitoring involves many different activitites, from ensuring the quality of surface or underground water, both for human beings and animal life, to the monitoring of a country’s water infrastructure. Wireless sensor networks are becoming increasingly popular in this area and ADVANTICSYS has already explored its use for many novel applications. ADVANTICYS deliver a wide range of water monitoring solutions to choose, including the following.

Water Quality Magnitudes: Temperature, pH, specific electrical conductance (EC), dissolved O2 (DO)
Water Distribution Network Monitoring: Flow & pressure levels, leakage detection, water levels, remote metering
Natural Disaster Prevention: Flood & drought preemptive warning


Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring involves analyzing water properties in dams, rivers, lakes & oceans, as well as underground water reserves. The use of many wireless distributed sensors enables the creation of a more accurate map of the water status, and allows the permanent deployment of monitoring stations in locations of difficult access, without the need of manual data retrieval. Choose one of the most accurate water monitoring equipment for your needs.

  • Robust certified sensor equipment
  • Extended autonomy, battery and energy harvesting alternatives


Water Distribution Network Management

ADVANTICSYS most recent applied research is focused in the monitoring of the water management systems, mainly pipes and valve monitoring, as well as remote access to water meter readings.

  • Robust certified sensor equipment
  • Pressure & flow control
  • Remote M2M interfaces


Natural Disaster Prevention

Wireless sensor networks can effectively act to prevent the consequences of natural disasters, like floods. Wireless nodes have successfully been deployed in rivers where changes of the water levels have to be monitored in real time.

  • Robust certified sensor equipment
  • Extended autonomy, battery and energy harvesting alternatives
  • Water level monitoring at critical spots


Network Infrastructure

ADVANTICSYS solutions adapt the network topology to the customer’s needs. These range, at low level, from single hop to multihop wireless protocols, and at high level, from local access to the sensor infrastructure to remote access using the internet.

  • Adapted wireless protocols depending on customer requirements
  • Local & remote access to the deployed networks
  • Different gateway & router alternatives



ADVANTICSYS provides customized software solutions for the final user.

  • Data Storage
  • Data analysis & graphic creation
  • Integration of the solution with the customer’s systems