Flood Monitoring and Smart Water Solutions

Flood Monitoring and Smart Water Solutions

Flood Monitoring and Smart Water Solutions

Water monitoring involves many different activitites, from ensuring the quality of surface or underground water, both for human beings and animal life, to the monitoring of a nationwide water infrastructure. Machine-to-machine (M2M) and Wireless sensor networks (WSN) technologies are becoming increasingly popular in this area. Based on ADVANTICSYS dataloggers and controllers, we deliver a wide range of scalable water monitoring solutions including the following:

  • Water Quality: Turbidity, pH, specific electrical conductance (EC), dissolved O2 (DO)
  • Water Distribution: Flow & pressure levels, leakage detection, water levels
  • Water Usage: Remote reading of water meters or control of irrigation in parks and gardens

Water Quality

Water quality monitoring involves analyzing water properties in dams, rivers, lakes & oceans, as well as underground water reserves.
The use of many GPRS/wireless distributed sensors enables the creation of a more accurate map of water status, and allows the permanent deployment of monitoring stations in locations of difficult access, without the need of manual data retrieval.
Water quality sensors usually need to be protected within pipes as shown in the figure on the right.

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Water Distribution

Water distribution grids management demands smart monitoring solutions including not only pipes or valve condition measurement, but also water flow and level sensors.
Robust certified sensors jointly with remote M2M access eases water distribution grid management in a wide area.
Moreover, our monitoring products can effectively act to prevent the consequences of natural disasters, like floods. Sensing nodes have successfully been deployed in rivers where changes of the water levels have to be monitored in real time (see figure on the right)

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Water Usage

In order to provide a holistic approach to the Smart Water market niche, ADVANTICSYS also provides remote control of irrigation valves in parks and gardens as well as telemetry capabilities for consumer water meter. Integration of remote readings into standard Modbus monitoring networks eases data collection for Water Utilities.

Concordia Software

ADVANTICSYS provides customized software solutions based on its Concordia software platform. Data storage, analysis and integration of geolocation capabilities are included.


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