Renewable Energy Self-consumption Monitoring

Renewable Energy Self-consumption Monitoring

Renewable Energy Self-consumption Monitoring

ADVANTICSYS remote monitoring technology has been selected by Engineering and Consultancy companies to manage their renewable-energy generation facilities worldwide.

To make it easier for remote tracking and monitoring of the facility, an ADVANTICSYS MPC-143 controller, equipped with a built-in GSM/GPRS modem, is set up for remote telemetry which virtually covers 100% of the area by taking advantage of the cellular network deployment.

The MPC-143 controller is connected to inverters supporting RS232/RS485 protocols (depending on the inverter’s brand) which periodically performs readings for each and every value provided by the manufacturer, both for instantaneous measurements (voltage, current or power) and cumulative values (active or reactive power, produced and consumed), set-up parameters, status indicators and active or recorded alarms.

MPC-143 controller

It is also feasible to connect a power analyzer to a RS485 serial port in order to monitor electrical parameters in alternate current (at both inverters’ outputs, wind and photovoltaic).
Besides gathering all this information, the MPC-143 controller features 4 analog inputs to record the status of switches or alarm sensors, 2 analog inputs (0-10V and 4-20mA) for any kind of environmental sensor (typically irradiance or wind speed sensors) as well as another input for PT100-type temperature sensors to record ambient temperature.

The MPC-143 registers all the required variables required for a comprehensive monitoring of the facility and may come in handy when it comes to charging small batteries (12Vcc, 7Ah) ensuring up to 72h of operation of the equipment in the event of power cut-off or breakdown in the facility. With the control screen, you can easily identify the root cause of malfunction when it occurs, thus speeding up the technical support.

Periodically collected values for each facility are registered in a centralized cloud monitoring platform called Concordia . It is a flexible and robust software aimed at facilitating data processing and storage; while providing an easy and user-friendly interface for queries to any of the facilities worldwide. Since it is also a web server, Concordia can be accessed from anywhere and from any device with Internet connection (pc, tablet, smartphone…)

Concordia monitoring platform

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