Street Light Management System

Street Light Management System

Street Light Management System

Street lighting associated costs can reach up to 50% of the public budgets’ energy bill. An efficient management system can reduce energy costs and also reduce environmental impact. Most of local governments just retrofit their old street lights by replacing them with modern low-power LED lamps. However, its cost reduction potential is not achieved unless a proper monitoring, control and maintenance system is put in place.
Our Street Light Management System enables a granular control and supervision system for all the components including lamps and to each of the electric cabinets dimming light intensity according to particular needs.
Making use of ADVANTICSYS dataloggers and controllers, we provide scalable solutions including the following:

  • Street light control system: each control box is equipped with GPRS controller, power analyzers switching street lights status.
  • Point-to-point street light management system: Each street lamp is dimmed through the use of wireless controllers

In both cases, a dedicated software platform based on our Concordia Cloud solution will manage all the devices.

Street light control system

In each control cabinet, our solution provides the following features:

  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Lamps status and external sensors (lighting, magnetic) data collection
  • Data sent to Concordia Software Platform through GPRS
  • Autonomous load control through scheduled operations

Moreover, advanced monitoring and management processes are included:

  • Power consumption by each street light group through the use of three-phases power analyzers
  • Lamp failure detection
  • Remote management and maintenance capabilities

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Point-to-point street light management system

Besides typical management systems, we improve granularity on control and monitoring by making use of our wireless technology enabling point-to-point dimming via radio:

  • Individually or by areas light dimming capabilities through the use of our HL-108. Control over 1-10V ballast or Dali protocol.
  • AES128 encrypted communication via radio 868MHz band
  • Receivers/transmitters radio coverage beyond 200m under any condition
  • Mesh radio network in which every wireless dimmer behaves both as a receiver and a transmitter

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Concordia Software Platform

Our remote management platform collects and safely store data also enabling real-time communication with the whole system through a simple yet powerful web interface.

  • Centralized control and management system
  • Manual dimming and control capabilities through the web interface
  • Light dimming following scheduled programming from the software platform
  • Maintenance and status alarms
  • Energy consumption graphs and reports
  • Integration with other sensors such as temperature, humidity, light, air quality and even door opening inside electric cabinets


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