Wireless PV Strings Monitoring

Wireless PV Strings Monitoring

Wireless PV Strings Monitoring

With traditional wired monitoring systems the main problem installers encounter is the large distance among the different elements, specially from the string connection boxes (level 1) to the control centre, as this involved extremely long cabling and piping, making it costly to install, as well as complex to maintain.

DM-108 addresses these problems by ensuring wireless Modbus RTU communications among the different elements. No matter the size of your installation, the DM-108 is the smoothest and most competitive solution for your cabling needs.

Forget about exorbitant installation costs and start using wireless communication!

  • Wireless communication in the 868MHz ISM band
  • Encrypted AES128 bit packets
  • Auto-configurable multi hop wireless network
  • Long range transmission
  • Digital sensor connector (e.g. to use with magnetic sensors or micro switches -tamper- to detect whether a control box is open). Also configurable as pulse counter

If your strings efficiency equipment supports Modbus RTU over RS485, then the connected DM-108 is capable of transmitting all the parameters gathered via radio to another DM-108 acting as coordinator, which in turn converts the wireless packets to RS485 for a PC/PLC to treat them.
Distance is not an issue thanks to the implementation of the wireless mesh topology, where each node acts as transmitter and repeater for those nodes which are too far away from the control centre. And all of it is achieved in a transparent way for the control software, which will continue to probe individually each of the string connection boxes (level 1) for their data.

Regarding the installation, the process could not be easier since the deployed DM-108 automatically find the best wireless route to the network coordinator, ensuring safe and encrypted communication.

We can offer you a wireless solution with a huge number of elements.

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