Long Range Sub-GHz Modbus RS485 Bridge with Pulse Input and Discrete Output
Product Model: DM-108

Main Features

The main role of the DM-108 is to act as Sub-GHz wireless bridge inside traditional wired RS485 Modbus RTU installations, providing the limited point-to-point RS485 networks with the versatility and ease of installation of wireless networks. Setting up mesh nets with multihops support, each device could transmit up to +27dBm to reach up to 5 kilometers around.

The DM-108 is auto routable, which means that each node automatically selects the best route to forward the data packets, effectively disseminating the Modbus commands to all connected devices. Each net topology has one Coordinator and one or several Endpoints.

Its power supply range from 9Vdc to 30Vdc easing its installation in battery operated systems and outdoor deployments.

Once installed and mesh net stablished, the DM-108 are transparent to devices inside the RS485 network, not only maintaining the electric requirements of the bus but also the integrity of Modbus RTU packet frames transmitted.

  • Wireless communication based on Wireless Mesh Networks at 865-867MHz (India), 868MHz (EU), 902-928MHz (Americas and Australia)
  • Auto routable
  • Up to 1km-range Modbus RTU wireless transmission
  • Wireless Security: 128-bit AES Encryption
  • DC power supply. Range: 9Vdc@80mA <=> 30Vdc@24mA
  • DIN-Rail device
  • Easy connection (Modbus A- and B+ terminals)
  • Configurable pulse input which status can be registered for alarm application or counted for third party meters integration.
  • Open Drain Output
  • Configuration and firmware update via micro USB connector

Our WM Config Tool eases the configuration process either through RS485 or radio. User Manual and latest version is available in our Tech Resources wiki page.



Long Range Wireless Modbus RS485 Bridge
ITEM Specification
Overall specification
Power supply 9Vdc @ 80mA<=> 30Vdc @ 24mA
Protocols Modbus RTU, 128-bit AES encrypted Wireless Mesh
microUSB (1 port) Used as 19.2 Kbit/s UART to configure and update device firmware
RS485 (1 port) Up to 1.2 km range and 19.2 Kbits/s Baudrate (configurable)
Pulse input (1 port) Operating modes: Active pulse (up to 30Vdc), dry contact, open-collector or S0 type
Discrete output (1 port) Open drain - drives up to 2A current
Radio 865-867MHz (India), 868MHz (EU), 902-928MHz (Americas and Australia) - with External Antenna (SMA connector) - not included
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 18x89x59 mm
Material PC/ABS
Safety class IP20
Type Name Size Modification Date
DM-108 Datasheet 189.78 KB 4/10/2019 14:41 PM.
WM Configuration Tool 1,706.52 KB 5/9/2019 14:00 PM.

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