Modbus/Dali Wireless Lighting Control Module
Product Model: HL-108

Main Features

HL-108 is a Wireless lighting control module able to regulate the light intensity of lamps up to 1.6KW following two different interfaces: DALI protocol or Dimmer (1-10Vdc).

Also, it has an analog input for connecting either a presence sensor or a light sensor (depending the sensor, internal jumpers must be manipulated). In summary, HL-108 is capable to run autonomously with customer-preprogrammed parameters or manually through a Modbus API installed in a PC or SCADA.

It can be easily integrated into any Modbus network through the use of a DM-108 Wireless Modbus bridge acting as coordinator.

  • Lighting Power controlled by a relay, up to 1600W
  • Dimmer Control (1-10Vdc). Output current up to 40mA, so it is capable to control several lamps in parallel.
  • RS485 Modbus RTU transmission
  • DALI protocol as master. Bus voltage 15.5Vdc
  • Wireless Security: 128-bit AES Encryption
  • Current measurement to control electric failures and peaks to predict lamps failures
  • Internal scheduler to regulate power on/off, or dimming, of the attached luminaire, storing a maximum of 366 daily configurations, with up to 5 different programmable intervals each.
  • Available sensor connection for a visible light sensor based on photodiode or a presence sensor, with dry output or open collector, to add more variables for the lamp autonomy

Our WM Config Tool eases the configuration process either through RS485 or radio. User Manual and latest version is available in our Tech Resources wiki page.

In addition, Advanticsys provides a tester application to control and manage a small network formed by HL-108 as a demonstration for all its features. It has all the main functionalities to control them, as scheduling, operation modes, configuration, relay control, dimmer and DALI control, light sensor control, presence sensor control, etc. Moreover, it provides Modbus connectivity for using functions 3 and 16 to read/write HL-108 registers.

ITEM Specification
Overall specification
Power supply 100Vac ~ 230Vac 50/60Hz
Protocols Modbus RTU, 128-bit AES encrypted Wireless Mesh
RS485 (1 port) Up to 1.2 km range and 19.2 Kbits/s Baudrate (configurable)
Dimmer 1 to 10Vdc output for dimming
DALI Compatible with DALI protocol
Sensors input Light sensor (photodiode type) or presence sensor
Radio 868MHz - with External Antenna (SMA connector)
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 172x45x32 mm
Material Aluminum
Safety class IP20
Type Name Size Modification Date
Datasheet HL-108 DS005 469.98 KB 11/21/2015 11:18 AM.

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