Industrial IoT Gateways

Our Industrial IoT Gateways are designed to bridge the gap between industrial legacy systems and new Internet of Things technologies. They collect data from preexisting devices, store and send them periodically to the cloud through MQTT.

They are compatible with our Industrial IoT Concordia Cloud Platform.

  • Dataloggers with records timestamp (RTC, Real Time Clock) synchronized through NTP protocol
  • M-Bus masters (up to 250 M-Bus devices - using M-Bus converters)
  • Wireless M-Bus concentrators (868-433 MHz)
  • Up to 6 analog inputs (current, voltage, resistance or PT100 or PT1000)
  • Up to 16 digital inputs (contact, impulse counter, alarm)
  • Controllers with up to 8 digital outputs
  • Automatic weekly scheduler for digital outputs
  • Dimmer for up to 2 0-10V outputs
  • Fully-configurable alarm reporting via SMS, Email and MQTT
  • Remote configuration and updates through GSM/GPRS/3G or Ethernet port
  • 8GB uSD card included
  • FTP client able to send periodic data in csv file format
  • FTP server capability, being able to store data in external uSD card
  • Protocols supported: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, WM-Bus, M-Bus, FTP, MQTT

Typical applications are remote site management and energy monitoring and submetering projects.

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