Air Quality Monitoring Solutions for Industrial and Urban Environments

Our solutions at the service of air quality improvement

To protect humans and the environment from damage by air pollution, it is of the utmost importance to measure the levels of air pollutants. Real time monitoring of particles or dangerous gases concentrations is particularly interesting in hazardous areas such as petrochemical plants or its surrounding areas, as the conditions can change dramatically very quickly, with serious consequences. ADVANTICSYS employs its knowledge in wireless sensor networks to develop real time M2M-based solutions for distributed air quality monitoring both at industrial zones and inhabited areas, including the following capabilities:

  • Monitoring gas levels in industrial plants: robust and certified wireless gas detectors in hazardous areas
  • Odor detection in inhabited areas close to industrial parks: H2S, NH3, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) measurement in one single monitoring station
  • On-line real-time air pollution monitoring in cities: highly flexible wireless gas monitors to be deployed in an urban environment

Wireless single gas detector

Thanks to our previous research activities in distributed environmental monitoring solutions, ADVANTICSYS is able to provide robust and certified sensing equipment for hazardous areas such as petrochemical plants. One single device can embed one gas sensing module that can be chosen from a wide list of pollutants sensors including NH3, CH4 or SO2 (see full list at the end of this page).
The use of wireless sensor networks jointly with advanced wireless mesh algorithms enable a low power measurement and communication performance providing an extended autonomy for battery-operated versions. An AC powered alternative is also possible. Moreover, ADVANTICSYS devices can be easily integrated in existing monitoring infrastructures thanks to their compatibility with both Modbus RTU and TCP protocols.

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Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Outdoor air quality monitoring requires not only the use of accurate sensors, but also rain & wind resistant housing. We provide an all-in-one station which includes a robust IP65-rated enclosure capable of hosting up to 6 different gas sensing modules to be chosen from below list.
These stations can be easily deployed throughout a city and linked between each other thanks to our wireless technology. Additional devices such as rain collectors or wind speed/direction sensors can be easily integrated, enhancing forecasting capabilities based on real-time measurement.

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Sensors supported by ADVANTICSYS solutions

Any gas sensor from the following table can be integrated in our devices as per customer request.


ADVANTICSYS provides customized software solutions based on its Concordia software platform. Data storage, analysis and integration of geolocation capabilities are included.