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  • IoT Hardware Platforms

    Thousands of researchers from Universities, engineers in general and even makers in more than 40 countries have been used our Internet of Things hardware platforms. All of them are based on the well known Crossbow’s TelosB motes. Together with a vast list of sensors boards and kits, it bundles all the essentials for lab studies…

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  • Industrial Monitoring

    Our Dataloggers, Controllers, wireless bridges and Data Concentrators enable powerful monitoring and control solutions in any market segment. Moreover, they can be easily integrated with legacy devices or state-of-the-art Industrial IoT systems thanks to the large amount of protocols supported: Modbus RTU/TCP, M-Bus, MQTT, FTP clients/server.

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  • Concordia Cloud Platform

    Concordia is a powerful,easy to use and cost-effective cloud platform especially designed to bring you exactly what you need in the way you want. Whether you are a small business looking to monitor a single location or a large organization looking to manage a big number of power plants, Concordia is suitable for you. Advanticsys…

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We create monitoring & control products and solutions that improve processes and services in areas such as energy, agriculture and environment in a global marketplace.
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