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Long Range Sub-GHz Modbus RS485 Bridge with Pulse Input and Discrete Output

Product Description

The main role of the DM-108 is to act as wireless bridge inside traditional wired RS485 Modbus RTU installations, providing the limited point-to-point RS485 networks with the versatility and ease of installation of wireless networks. Setting up mesh nets with multihops support, each device could transmit up to +27dBm to reach up to 5 kilometers around.

Once properly configured, the DM-108 becomes transparent inside the RS485 network, not only maintaining the electric requirements of the bus, but also the integrity of Modbus RTU packet frames transmitted.

  • Wireless communication on ISM band at 865 867MHz (India), 868MHz (EU), 902 928MHz (Americas and Australia)
  • Up to 1 Km range on Line of Sight.
  • Encrypted communications by AES 128bits.
  • Auto routable mesh network.
  • Modbus RTU wireless transmission
  • Modbus RTU RS485 transmission
  • Power range: 9Vdc@80mA <=> 30Vdc@24mA
  • Count of pulses and real input status stored in an internal Modbus register.
  • Open Drain output.
  • DIN Rail mounting
  • Firmware updatable via microUSB.
Title Type Size
WM Config Tool v1.0.7.9 application/ 2 MB
DM-108 User Manual application/pdf 2 MB
DM-108 Datasheet application/pdf 238 KB

Additional Information

Overall specification

Power supply: 9Vdc @ 80mA 30Vdc @ 24mA
Protocols: Modbus RTU, 128-bit AES encrypted Wireless Mesh


Frequency: 865-867MHz (India), 868MHz (EU), 902-928MHz (Americas and Australia)
Sensitivity: -104dBm typ
RF Power: Up to +26 dBm
Range: Up to 1km
Antenna: SMA Female connector – not included


microUSB: Configuration port (19200 bps UART)
RS485: Up to 1.2 km distance, speed up to 19.2 kBaud

Digital inputs/outputs

Pulse input: Operating mode selectable by jumper: wet contact (up to 30Vdc), dry contact, open-collector or S0 type. Detecting frequency: up to 30Hz
Discrete output: Open Drain 2A


Modbus RTU
Wireless AES128 Encrypted Mesh

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 18x89x59 mm
Material: PC/ABS
Protection type: IP20


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