RS485 / M-Bus Converter

RS485 / M-Bus Converter

RS485 / M-Bus converter (up to 250 M-bus devices)
Product Model: RS485-Mbus

Main Features

The RS485 / M-Bus converter adapts physically both interfaces. It can be used for collecting data of an M-Bus reading network through a RS485 port.
The main features of this device are:

  • Adapts RS485 and M-bus signals
  • Galvanically isolated power, input and output interfaces
  • Easy integration with all our Controllers and third party devices.



RS485 / M-Bus converter
ITEM Specification
RS485 (1 port) 1.2 Km maximum distance, automatic choice of direction, max 32 transceivers, speed from 300 to 9600bps
M-Bus (1 port) up to 250 loads (375mA)
Power supply 220V AC
Over voltage protection >1000V (max 5 sec.)
Power consumption <4W
MBus line power Mark 36-40V. Space 24-27V
M-Bus short cut event current 500mA
Recover after short connection auto after 5s
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 110x75x45 mm
Weight 170 g
Case fixing type DIN32
Safety class IP20
Type Name Size Modification Date
RS485 / M-Bus Converter Datasheet 227.61 KB 6/23/2017 09:46 AM.

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