Advanticsys M2M monitoring solutions enhance Kliux Energies self-consumption installations


Kliux Energies has selected ADVANTICSYS remote monitoring technology to manage their renewable-energy generation facilities. Two Spanish technology companies joining their strengths in the quest for a quality product in the energy market.
Kliux Energies is a Spanish company with a global presence in distributed energy solutions and energy generated at site of use, tailor-made to the client’s specifics needs. Kliux has worldwide exclusivity rights to manufacture and sell the Kliux Zebra vertical-axis wind turbine (developed by Geolica Innovations) which also integrates into hybrid systems with solar photovoltaic technology.

By combining a vertical axis wind turbine from Kliux Energies and solar photovoltaic panels, customers are able to make the most of the resources offered by the sun and wind, thus optimizing the power generation hours, while making it possible to supply 100% of the electricity consumption of an average household.
Regardless of the season or the weather, the dual wind solar system will supply the power needed throughout the year. It also reduces customer dependence of the electrical system and, thus, avoids the impact of the continued increases in the cost of electricity or the occasional power outages.
To make it easier for remote tracking and monitoring of the facility, an ADVANTICSYS MPC-143 controller, equipped with a built-in GSM/GPRS modem, has been set up for remote telemetry which virtually covers 100% of the area by taking advantage of the cellular network deployment.

This agreement, which is framed within Advanticsys’ worldwide operational strategy, is seeking to give a boost to the renewable industry by harnessing its efficiency and productivity by means of M2M technology, previously implemented in other areas such as energy efficiency or environmental monitoring.


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