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Advanticsys extends its projects portfolio with an automated meter reading project in one of the largest District Heating/Cooling networks in the south of Europe, operated by Spanish company Sampol. In particular, this project, located in Palma (Majorca – Spain) provides heating and cooling to the Balearic Islands University (UIB) and the Balearic Islands Innovation Park “Parc Bit”. Built in 2000, it comprises a tri-generation plant providing heating and/or cooling to 25 different customers.

Sampol, as DHC operator, requested an end-to-end solution for remotely collecting meters data previously installed. Advanticsys deployed a system based on its datalogger MPC-330 with M-Bus interfaces to read data from Kamstrup meters and to send them periodically through csv files to a remote server. In parallel, a Modbus TCP connection was enabled to support real time data collection from company SCADA.

Spanish DSO selects Advanticsys monitoring solutions for district heating and cooling project

Through this project, Sampol expects to improve network efficiency and as well as the simplicity of securely collecting data.

More information about our smart grid solutions can be found here.



Kliux Energies has selected ADVANTICSYS remote monitoring technology to manage their renewable-energy generation facilities. Two Spanish technology companies joining their strengths in the quest for a quality product in the energy market.
Kliux Energies is a Spanish company with a global presence in distributed energy solutions and energy generated at site of use, tailor-made to the client’s specifics needs. Kliux has worldwide exclusivity rights to manufacture and sell the Kliux Zebra vertical-axis wind turbine (developed by Geolica Innovations) which also integrates into hybrid systems with solar photovoltaic technology.

By combining a vertical axis wind turbine from Kliux Energies and solar photovoltaic panels, customers are able to make the most of the resources offered by the sun and wind, thus optimizing the power generation hours, while making it possible to supply 100% of the electricity consumption of an average household.
Regardless of the season or the weather, the dual wind solar system will supply the power needed throughout the year. It also reduces customer dependence of the electrical system and, thus, avoids the impact of the continued increases in the cost of electricity or the occasional power outages.
To make it easier for remote tracking and monitoring of the facility, an ADVANTICSYS MPC-143 controller, equipped with a built-in GSM/GPRS modem, has been set up for remote telemetry which virtually covers 100% of the area by taking advantage of the cellular network deployment.

This agreement, which is framed within Advanticsys’ worldwide operational strategy, is seeking to give a boost to the renewable industry by harnessing its efficiency and productivity by means of M2M technology, previously implemented in other areas such as energy efficiency or environmental monitoring.



ADVANTICSYS successfully completed an ambitious project in Georgia, a country at the crossroad of Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia with major hydroelectric resources exploited mostly by Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) , a hundred percent state-owned company that seeks to increase the reliability of substations to improve and secure energy supply to companies in the country while reducing costs.

How can we monitor the substations status, with real-time detailed information? ADVANTICSYS has developed a monitoring system able to acquire and transmit data of all substations this energy giant has in the region of Kakheti and send them to the control center, located in the capital city Telavi.

With aging substations, with a risk of blackouts and increasingly higher maintenance costs, GSE sought ways to improve its operation, a feasible goal through remote monitoring, which can process, display and archive the data into HMI (Human Machine Interface), with simple graphs with information on the status of the stations through, for example, Single line diagrams. ADVANTICSYS proposed an all-in-one solution (including hardware and software) through the use of MPC devices (Multi Protocol Controllers), comprising communication protocols – ranging from measurement of voltage, current and power, to the circuit breakers status – providing a full overview of each substation, with more than 50 simultaneous measurement points. Thus, thanks to the MPC controllers, information registered by all sensors is integrated and transmitted to a control center via a secure GPRS virtual private network. In order to avoid communication losses due to power failure, the controllers are equipped with a back-up battery that provides extra reliability to the system.

Real-Time Power Substations Monitoring System deployed
In terms of software, ADVANTICSYS developed a tailored edition of the Concordia software platform with an interface suited to the needs of Georgian State Electrosystem, with a fast and secure data base with regular backups, a user-editable SCADA, automated generation of alarms and system events, access to historical data and multiple languages support, including kartuli, official language in Georgia. All integrated in their web server, avoiding the need to install any special software to view the data.


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