Successful commissioning of a wireless string monitoring of a 4 MWp Floating Solar PV Project in Andhra Pradesh, India


advanticsys has successfully delivered its first wireless monitoring solution in a floating solar plant in India. It is a 4MWp plant at the Kailasagiri Reservoir in Andra Pradesh.

It has become the first floating solar plant with a full wireless mesh string monitoring solution proving that radio-frequency is a technology suitable for this kind of requeriments. The general architecture includes one DM-108 bridge in each of the string monitoring boxes at site, wirelessly connected to a master station on land where all data is logged and integrated into the plant SCADA.

Our technology behind the DM-108 wireless bridge is based on Narrowband RF. This system is defined as having less than 25 kHz bandwidth and provide an excellent link budget due to low in-band receive noise (narrow receive filters remove most of the noise). Compare to other wireless technologies, our solution has a very strong noise rejection (quite important in solar plants where electromagnetic environment changes through time), co-exists with other wireless networks without any interference problem and near real-time data transmission (tests have ensured polling periods below 5 secs for the whole plant).

This project is included in our solar monitoring portfolio with more than 500 MW monitored since 2019. More information can be found in our project dedicated area


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