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advanticsys has successfully delivered its first wireless monitoring solution in a floating solar plant in India. It is a 4MWp plant at the Kailasagiri Reservoir in Andra Pradesh.

It has become the first floating solar plant with a full wireless mesh string monitoring solution proving that radio-frequency is a technology suitable for this kind of requeriments. The general architecture includes one DM-108 bridge in each of the string monitoring boxes at site, wirelessly connected to a master station on land where all data is logged and integrated into the plant SCADA.

Our technology behind the DM-108 wireless bridge is based on Narrowband RF. This system is defined as having less than 25 kHz bandwidth and provide an excellent link budget due to low in-band receive noise (narrow receive filters remove most of the noise). Compare to other wireless technologies, our solution has a very strong noise rejection (quite important in solar plants where electromagnetic environment changes through time), co-exists with other wireless networks without any interference problem and near real-time data transmission (tests have ensured polling periods below 5 secs for the whole plant).

This project is included in our solar monitoring portfolio with more than 500 MW monitored since 2019. More information can be found in our project dedicated area



Based on our vast experience providing all-in-one monitoring solutions for wind, solar and hybrid installations,  advanticsys has successfully commissioned a 10KW vertical axis wind turbines monitoring solution a sport boat Marina in Cantabria, Spain. Concordia Cloud IoT platform has enable a seamless connection to different equipments such as inverters, power meters and weather stations providing data fusion techniques to analyse real-time energy production, stops due to high-speed winds or periodical analysis.

During the last 5 years, we have provided our monitoring services including both IoT gateways and cloud solutions for a number of small and medium sites worldwide.

More information can be found in our projects dedicated area



As part of our engineering services, advanticsys has successfully delivered the fourth chemical detection system for Spanish Navantia’s fleet of corvette warships headed for Saudi Arabia.

Chemical, biological and nuclear (CBN) detection in warships is becoming relevant for fleet protection. Jointly with our partners from Ibatech, we have developed a novel chemical detection system integrating multiple sensor input points to detect the presence of harmful chemicals including warfare agents and toxic industrial compounds.  The system is linked to a central control unit which monitors, remotely and in real time the alarm status of each sensor. The system is integrated to the ship’s IPMS control platform and comes with modules for maintenance and training.

Both software and hardware and communication infrastructure has been designed and developed as part of our duties.

More information can be found in our projects dedicated area



Following its commitment to continuous research and innovation, advanticsys has just started its participation in the Cultural-E collaborative project.

Cultural-E is a H2020 EU-funded project, which goes a step beyond Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) towards the future of Plus Energy Buildings (PEBs). The team is approaching this topic by looking at climate and cultural differences in the use of residential buildings around Europe. By the end of the five years the project will have built four new Plus Energy Buildings in France, Germany, Italy and Norway. Cultural-E will also produce design tools, smart technologies, methodologies and policy recommendations.

Research applied to construction sector is more and more demanding nowadays in terms of energy efficiency, carbon emissions, sustainability, in terms of resource use and life-cycle management, and indoor environmental comfort. Climatic factors, such as local temperature, weather, sun orientation, relation with the surrounding context are integral parts of the design process, because, inevitably, they influence the daily habits and how we consume energy. Studies have shown that a Norwegian uses a different amount of energy for cooking than a French, and an Italian heats his/her house in a different way than a German.

advanticsys will develop a cloud-based house management system for all the pilots in the project taking into consideration all the difference data sources within the building but also external ones like third-party weather services or real-time energy prices. Edge computing will help to optimise control strategies within the buildings and the apartments themselves. This research will have a direct impact on new features of our Concordia IoT Cloud platform and it is our goal that our customers will benefit from them.

The project is coordinated by Eurac Research, a research centre headquartered in Bozen (Italy), and includes 17 participants, such as local authorities, SMEs, technology providers, designers, European universities, construction companies and the Architects’ Council of Europe.



Manufacturing is a pillar of innovation and growth for Europe, providing over 32 million jobs and 16% of GDP; but outdated machinery and unplanned downtime can cause significant losses for companies and employees. To reclaim lost productivity and strengthen competitiveness, the European Commission asked innovators to improve industrial sustainability and unlock the potential of digital connectivity. A recently launched European project is looking to provide the solutions and advanticsys is proud to be part of it.

We all slow down over time. Joints start to creak, tasks seem harder and we begin to make mistakes… well it is the same for the machinery that produce the goods and equipment that make today’s world possible. So what to do? Leaving aging and underperforming machinery idle and neglected is costly. Replacement is often very expensive and also carries a large environmental footprint thanks to raw materials, production and transportation.

But imagine if manufacturing machinery could not only find the secret to their youth again – but integrate new digital capabilities to make them highly productive and effective in a new era.

A group of researchers and industries from nine countries recently launched the RECLAIM manufacturing project to do just this. We hope to benefit the environment and the economy with new recycle and reuse techniques to reduce obsolescence and prove the advantages of high-tech refurbishment.

The project will focus on harnessing digital analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and circular economy strategies to improve predictive maintenance and upgrade legacy machines. Known as digital retrofitting, it could be key to staying one step ahead of possible disruption and production failures.


Follow our progress @Reclaim_FoF or the project’s LinkedIn page


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