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Most monitoring applications are extremely expensive and very difficult to use, with a lot of features you probably do not need. Concordia is a powerful,easy to use and cost-effective monitoring platform specially designed to bring you exactly what you need in the way you want. Whether you are a small business looking to monitor a single building or a large organization looking to manage a big number of power plants, Concordia is suitable for you. Advanticsys have developed a robust core,but you choose the interface and features needed. Concordia is tailor-made software with fair price.  

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  • Common core, customized user interface. Keeping a robust and common core for any application, a fully customized user interface is provided for each market needs (see figure below)
  • Data analysis. You will be able to access historic or current measurements in data (tables) and graphical mode, but also compare signals,show trends,and calculate means and deviations.
  • Reports. Export relevant data periodically to your desired easy-to-handle format(PDF, Excel, Plain text). Just choose the period, the format and the data you want and Concordia will do the rest.
  • Easy. You will never need to refer to the user manual, Concordia interface is intentionally simple and intuitive. Tailor-made SCADA or Views will enhance user experience.
  • Scalable database. Our developers spend a lot of time optimizing the database to be as fast and secure as it can be. API access is also available under request.
  • Third party data integration. Weather data/forecasts, geolocation of devices and even social networks can be seamlessly integrated into Concordia database.
  • Cloud and Local versions available. Concordia is delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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If you want to request a free demo, just contact us.

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